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By David Morgan, inspired by All One

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The short version for this page now is this:

It seems everybody (including me) has a view on just about anything.

People who have views that change, change hopefully through healthy education. This could be called a form of evolution. Hopefully the views change to a "greater good" (yea a view).

I have more to write about this topic, but here is the short:

When I look at a tree, and you look at a tree, we can both "see" it differently, where "see" may be an opinion. I may see it as an amazing gift of nature, and you may see it as a pain since you have to rake the leaves in the fall.

  • Dogs can hear dog a dog whistle, but humans can not.
  • People only see so much with their eyes, but some people either don't realize it, or forget it. You can't see everything going on in this universe at once with your eyes.
  • The same applies to what we hear. It seems to me that many people take what they hear (hearsay) almost automatically as truth, when in fact, it could be a lie. I remember when I was young, I may have had "all the answers."

What I or anyone "sees" or "hears" forms their viewpoint. That's why I call them glasses. Seems we all "wear" different "glasses" .

So whatever I write, realize it may all be wrong. And it may well change or evolve over time. It's one thing to make a mistake, it's another to learn from a mistake. I accept making mistakes as a "cost of doing business" in this case, life.

Thank you for reading this!

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