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Positive Psychology / Thinking Positive

I've always believed in Positive Thinking, it always has felt right in my heart, and finally it's been scientifically proven that it makes sense!

Not long ago, I learned about the research and information written by Dr. Martin Seligman, developer of the University of Pennsylvania Positive Psychology Center. This center, also known as "Authentic Happiness", provides free resources where people can learn about Positive Psychology. Dr. Seligman was interviewed in this TVO program video. If I correctly apply the concepts in the video, he would say that working out a negative experience (like grief work) can take us say from a "-8" to a "-2", with the best hope of 0 on the emotional scale, but it does not make us happy, for that is a separate mechanism. If instead more energy and time is spent Authentic Happiness, you can have a better life. For example, focusing on Authentic Happiness can take you from a "+2" to a "+5", which implies a more positive emotional scale. He does not deny, for example the grief work, but I think he is advocating the augmentation of including learning how to be positive.

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