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Two for One?

On sale, two for the "price" of one when you help someone:

When you help someone feel better, and they feel better, don't you most often feel better? If you think about it, you "spent energy" helping someone, but in the end you both feel better. Can two for the "price" of one really exist when you help someone? If so, how could that be?

Let's look at it from a "cost" point of view:

When you try to help someone get (or feel) better, what happens when you succeed?

Initial "cost":

If you apply an oversimplified equation (let's call the following creative math), here is a calcuation:

  • If you help someone try to get better, at the time you may feel that you expelled energy = -1 (you give energy to help them feel better).
  • When someone you help feels better, they feel net positive =  +1 (they feel better).

If you add up -1 + 1, do you get 0? You expelled energy, and they gained positive energy.

Actual "result":

Isn't the following what actually happens when you help someone feel better?

  • In the end, you feel better by helping that other person = +1
  • In the end, the person you helped feels better = +1

If you add this up, doesn't, +1 +1 = +2?

Initially, we calculated 0, but actually, couldn't the value be closer to +2? How could this be?

Now what does this "score" become if the person that you helped then goes and helps someone else because they feel good enough to do that? And what if that person later helps you feel better? Is it possible for this process to go on and on?

Could the answer to getting these results be tied into creation or that we are all one? Regardless, in the end, it's a good result.

The bottom line:

When we help someone, all can gain, grow, and prosper.

I invite you to consider this:

Imagine a world where everyone tried to help each other.

Thank YOU for reading this!

By David Morgan

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