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We are all interconnected, we are AllOne*

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What gifts do you want to give yourself and others?
Do you want more happiness, more peaceful/loving relationships?

  • If you look at most young children, they are smiling. Are most adults smiling? Most or all of us start out with innocence, joy and happiness. Most of life is learned, some positive and some negative.
  • Sometimes we may forget to realize or feel the gratitude for what humans have in this moment: life on a planet that supplies us with air, food, water, and infinite beauty.
  • You can relearn or learn how to live a more positive life.

If you join "All" and "One", you see AllOne. Are we really all one? If you are not sure, consider learning more about spirituality or quantum mechanics. Regardless, when you improve, you affect life around you, because we are all one. One human race that is both gifted as well as interdependent with all that the planet and universe has to offer.

Thoughts may sometimes stray, but it's important to realize that in this moment, by some miracle, we, you, are alive!

I invite you to consider:

How can you live each moment in gratitude?
How can you give thanks to this gift called life?

Yesterday is history.
Tomorrow is a mystery.
Today (NOW) is the gift--
that's why they call it "the present."

* The name "AllOne" was inspired, in part, by the song "One" (video, 13:53) by Carol King.
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