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About AllOne

Our mission is to offer knowledge on how to
live a more positive life through focusing on Love.

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First, this site is 100% free, and that is the intention for life. See more below if you want.

None of the links provides any revenue (such as Amazon that offers click through revenue). Note: Currently some of the YouTube links may contain a "si" which I'll be removing as I update pages, and they only had them in the beginning since I thought it was needed.

The intention is to follow some of the 12 traditions, in not accepting outside contributions (unless they are willing to be anonymous). Any income will be used to pay for expenses, but I do not intend to benefit from it financially or take any salary. However, as the site grows, hiring may be necessary, just as it is in 12 step offices.

I plan to have an intro video to the site. There is a lot of info, and a video could help guide you to a path on the site where you might want to travel.

A quick "feel" of what is on AllOne.org

The content on AllOne.org was created as a result of inspirations from many people over many years who are both mentors and coaches on life. Allone.org is an attempt to share some of the important lesson that others pass on that can help accelerate happiness and kindness for you and others.

The current "view" of AllOne.org is to provide a "hub" if you will, a starting point, for anyone who wants to learn more about life, with the goal to become more conscious, to better "bask in the glory" (that you may not see yet) "in all that life has to offer". Much of allone.org contains links to mentors, experts in particular areas. In the past, it was the "wise" people of the groups that passed down their stories of wisdom between groups of men, women, and communities.

In some content, personal views are included. Realize that this is just one person's point of view, not yours. Everyone has a different view and my view is constantly changing.

Changes Envisioned:

The content currently on AllOne was inspired by many, but much of it was still written by a man who is very logical and scientific.

The way AllOne.org presents this information may be too "direct" or "strong" for some people. The goal is to ultimately provide positive feelings on sensitive topics, using a soft, safe, nurturing voice.

Logic is one tool man developed; they had to figure out how to go after a tiger. A tiger is scary and deadly, so they had to learn to focus on the solution, trust and developed logic, and let the fear pass through when possible :) They had to do this, in order to protect themselves from the tiger, as you just can't run fast enough. Men needed to protect the women and children in the villages from the tigers that came too close. Women typically did not need those "shields" of logic to protect them as much as men did, because the men protected the women.

Therefore, on this site, a woman may react to something that Sheldon or Spock (no emotions) might say, "that reaction seems illogical" :) Please let us know if you identify sections of the site that may need softening.

Any links clicked will not produce revenue for AllOne.org, and there are no ads. That goal is to provide an unbiased view by removing any thought of profit.  As for the links provided, it's great that people offer gifts, and it's a great job for some. You can choose to reward them if you want.

First Rev:

AllOne.com was purchased in 1996, in an effort to support all 12-step programs and give back. Initial goal was to have a global meeting list where anyone looking to find a 12-step meeting could find one. AllOne.com was registered as a .com because the task would take a lot of effort, and hosting costs were more expensive in 1996. The site was partly funded by donations, but the fee amount was always left to what each 12-step program wanted to donate, based on their group conscious. It first supported AdultChildren.org website complete with custom meeting database (the search/sort/... engine was still being used as of 2023). Soon after, it also hosted EmotionsAnonymous.org using the same database engine. To make a long story short, it was difficult to get all 12-step programs to join in a common database. It was great that AllOne.com hosted two of them for many years, until it was time to pass the baton.

Two years after purchasing AllOne.com, a vision inspired the registration of AllOne.org with the idea to preserve the name so that it could be used as a non-profit to benefit all. This was due to the realization that we are All One. That seed sat in the ground for years, just waiting to germinate, but just a short time ago, that seed started to sprout.

AllOne.org would appreciate help

In order for AllOne.org to reach towards its full potential, help from people who appreciate the content of AllOne.org would be appreciated and welcome. As far as what can you do, it is open.

This page and this list below is just a rough draft, as are most current pages.

Just a sample:

Help with creating a nonprofit organization that will allow AllOne.org to flourish for many years.

Help can include  (not in any order) web development, hosting, artists, promoters, writers, editors, funding, organizers, and everything else that will ultimately honor the gift of life and service to others.

So if you are truly inspired to help in any aspect, or you know others that might be, or that you have contacts to inspired people that can help some of these goals get achieved in a shorter time, please contact us below. 

Each person is just one candle, but as we add more candles, we will continue to light up our planet, our universe, with positive people and love.

More revisions to come, including possibly removing this outdated Copyright

Thank YOU for reading this!

By David Morgan

For any comments, questions, or if you want to help with AllOne in any way, please contact us. .  About
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