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NOTE: This site would not be what is without the help from many, and I have more to add.

Thanks go to: 

Cindi L
A psychotherapist, helped me to realize that therapy can be a great tool for learning how to live a happier life. They can be great coaches and teachers. We also spent many loving hours studying ACIM in small groups, something that greatly and beautifully started me down yet another new journey to increase my happiness. Her book can be found here. (amazon) Thanks!
Ann K
For helping out with reviewing many pages, more than once, and for her supporting me with this site in many ways. Ann provided me with a deeper understanding of Buddhism, and was a good role model including dedication, exercise and Yoga, teaching Yoga, as well as starting a positive book club.

On the back of her holiday cards carried for many years a quote from Dali Lama:
"My religion is simple,
 I practice Kindness". Thanks!

Bruce F
Long friend going back to college, he has provided support, wisdom, and fun as well as his prospective on life in the inspiration section. Thanks!
Dan L
Long time friend also goes back to just after college. A beautiful spiritual man who also has supported me in this with wise feedback and suggestions. Thanks!
Richie K
Another long time friend who expressed love, and understanding. We would talk often for hours, and he was always there! He had been a very long time smoker, and quit. He provided me with probably most of the links in the health section. He chose a very heroic path when his cancer came back. He was an orphan, and I felt like we were brothers to each other. Thanks!

We first met in Boston at a John Bradshaw workshop on "the family system". He was such a mentor for me. He then moved to Georgia and over they years sent me gobs of educational resources from sources on so many life topics. He explained the deep meaning behind the father and son to a  movie that I thought prior to this was just fun, Star Wars! And then Richie's gifts of understanding, education  and compassion continued.  He may have had one of the only complete collection of Joseph Campbell! He also provided many introspective videos, just to mention a few: The Buddha, The Celestine Prophecy, Deepak Chopra, Mary Shelly's "Frankenstein", Finding Joe, Follow your Bliss, Gandhi, The Gods must be crazy, Kundum move, Peaceful warrior, Life of PI, Into the wild, On Being a Man (by Robert Bly and Michael Mead), Carl Jung - The wisdom of the dream, a life of dreams, and more. I invite you to consider some of his suggestions. Thanks!

Ben S
Ben has a keen eye on grammar, something I totally missed by moving between schools, I was not taught it. I also never expected to write :)! Ben is great in both a technical as well as being helpful with many advanced perspectives that help add and improve content. He too has wonderful quest and curiosity for understanding, and has provided many insights to me, much like Riche did. Thanks!
John G
A long time friend as well. He has also helped to review the site, provide feedback, and has such a great perspective on life. Thanks!
Jen G
A long time friend as well. She has also helped to review the site, provide feedback, and has been a good role model for love. Thanks!
David M
Since people have asked, a bit about me:
I have always had a great gift of curiosity. It's great, because it drives me to learn. It was clear that I had this gift when I was quite young. Being a positive person at heart, as life progressed I felt that maybe the most important thing I wanted to "master" was happiness, and positive feelings.

Although I had many great experiences growing up, I also experienced challenges at times.  I was also lucky that I had an amazing Grandma who taught lessons about love, honesty and kindness. This helped me towards learning how to live a life focusing on love/kindness. I spent many years reading and learning how to improve my life, my feelings. My path took me to many great people including Richie. Richie, like many of my friends, had a similar, almost frenzy, full, rich, beautiful quest for increasing healthy positive emotional feelings and he provided me with many amazing resources! The statement in ACIM says, "You can't have anything unless you give it away, for giving is proof of having". Through many years, I enjoyed soaking up tips or tools that could help me become better and better, and was always willing to share with others what we had learned. You can see many of Richie's resources, and if you are interested in some of my favorites, simply ask.

One of the greatest gifts given to me many years ago was a simple view that you could group all emotions into just two, Love and Fear, as taught through A Course In Miracles (acim.org). ACIM states you are either coming from Love or you are coming from fear. Since all fear stems from thought, and love comes from within, the only thing that is "real" according to ACIM is Love. For more details, see: Love

Recently, another great gift was to listen to an audio book by Neale Donald Walsch called Conversations from God.

The view from ACIM is that Love is the only feeling that is true or "real", and the view from Conversations from God is that our life experiences on this planet can provide us with the contrast of love verses fear. I believe we are born as love, and that only humans teach us to fear. This contrast helps me "see" and appreciate how beautiful Love feels. It allows me to come back to the realization that "Love" is the most valuable gift in my life. I focus on and bask in Love whenever possible. I love to share it, for doing so strengthens my relationship with love. Giving is proof of having, and giving only multiplies what you already have.

For many years, I had trouble with the word "god", especially as man with a scientific mind. Back then, I probably would not have listened to it. You may find it confusing, or complicated. Or you may not be interested and go play ball instead. Realize that everybody's journey is different, thank goodness. Playing ball is awesome! So I only invite you to consider, free choice is yours.

The following audio was read from a NY Times Bestseller book. A dear friend Larry K gave me the book many years ago, but I was not ready for it, and the book didn't flow for me. At one point in my life, I believed "channeling" to be a bunch of quack. In short, I invite you to consider ignoring those kinds of thoughts and just feel if the message resonates or sounds true to you. I hope you enjoy the audio version of Conversations with God (youtube)

You can contact me by sending a message to DavidM at this site.  Thanks.

Thanks also goes to ALL (for now that has to cover people that I would have included) including friends, YMCA members, and everyone else who helped directly or indirectly. And thank you!

I am at peace, presence and awe from the creation of ever changing water,
 especially flowing water from waterfalls, and streams.

May the Love in all of us, shine through for all of us.

Thank YOU for reading this!

By David M

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