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"Love, it is a flower, and you, it's only seed."*

"Teach only love, for that is what you are." (miraclecenter.org)

Kindness, generosity, respect, honesty, loyalty, caring, empathy, compassion, acceptance, comfort are just some of the common characteristics of Love; and when you live your life following those attributes, you are more likely to experience emotions such as confidence, happiness, gratitude, joy and peace.

In this world, one way we communicate is with words. Words are used just as pictures are used, to convey a message. Many people have provided  many ways that attempt to convey the same message. The word Love is one of the more complex, yet at the same time simple, messages that many try to convey. The following are attempts to explain Love from different views..

In Simple terms:

In one simple example, when you practice some of the common characteristics of Love such as caring or kindness, you can create a community of caring friends.

In Dali Lama terms:

"My religion is simple,
I practice kindness"

The Dali Lama's use of kindness expresses something with a easy to feel emotion, and carries the message to practice kindness to all others, including yourself. Practicing kindness on yourself and others can provide salvation.

The Bible:

For those who have studied the Bible, some would say that if you were to summarize the Bible into one word, it would be Love. An interesting perspective that you may find helpful is:

If we are gods, and the two most important commandments are to love your God with all your heart, soul, and strength, and love your neighbor as yourself, then doesn't that paint a picture of who we really are inside of us, and maybe our purpose, when we listen to our hearts?

  • Do you love others as much as you love yourself?
  • Do you love yourself as much as you love others?
  • Since we are gods, would it make sense for you to be responsible for taking care of yourself as well as others with Love?

Now I don't say we have to like all of the behaviors or actions that some humans exhibit, but consider realizing that humans make mistakes when they are not listening to their heart, and remember that most everything in life is learned.

On a personal thought, if we are all gods, would not the collections of all of the gods in the universe, be God? Some view this as "universal consciousness".
Does "universal consciousness" also include everything else in the universe such as animals, plants, earth, stars, and infinity?
Who created this in the first place?

A Course in Miracles:

One of the greatest gifts given to me many years ago was this simple but amazingly true for me understanding of this view of life:

+ True + - False -
Taught by humans
Love   fear
Love this moment,
it is real.
(Estimated humans have 65,000 thoughts a day.
You don't have to believe every thought you think.)
All "past" and "future" are simply thoughts in our minds.
Love is truth  false/dishonesty/lie
 Love is the only truth

through A Course In Miracles (acim.org) ACIM. It provides an outstanding view (for me).

A Course in Miracles simplifies Love; by stating it as the opposite of an emotion we all know well, fear. It says, "You have but two emotions, love and fear ." (acourseinmiraclesnow.com).

A summary or overview of the lessons from ACIM can be heard in an audio production that I listened to maybe more than 100 times through the years. This audio version was available only by cassette, but can now be found as "serenity through a course in miracles" (youtube). Ahh serenity!

Conversations with God:

There are many versions (or "views") of the bible, and someone provided a "view" of the bible that I found very interesting, Conversations with God (youtube).

Conversations with God (youtube). One message in it was that God is Love, and when Eve bit the apple, it provided a contrast of love verses fear. Working though fear or challenges during your journey on earth helps you to see and appreciate the true power and beauty of love. So fear, instead of having negative power, could actually be seen as a positive tool towards gaining a greater understanding and feeling of Love!

I invite you to consider this:

What would life be like if you shared Love with scores of others,
and they shared it with you?

Love creates more Love.
Love joins.

 "This (breathtaking) film was created by and through Love.
May its simple message help you to remember the
beauty and love that lives forever within you." 

This video is best viewed in a large screen.

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Thank YOU for reading this!

By David Morgan

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