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Candles in Our Lives


In the Love's Awakening (youtube) video, Carol King's song "One" includes candles to depict the light that shines in each of us, if we allow it to shine. If you watch the video, you will see the power of each candle.

I was reminded about the powerful symbolism of candles when I recently went to a highly recommended Insight Seminars (insightseminars.org) workshop.

In your life, you may personally know one person who affected you the most with good lessons of love. A friend Abe mentioned how humans don't live long enough since by the time they gain certain wisdoms, it may not get experienced or passed on.

If you knew someone that had a bright candle and you would like to pass on some of that light to others, please contact us below.

The List:

Emma A dog can also be a great role model for love. See also: About Eulogy for Emma (by Brian Walker).
Uldine C Drown A mother's love and message was to always love each other. See also: About Eulogy for my mom (by Brian Walker).
Grandma S Starting from when I was young, she was the best role model of love that I knew in my life.
  Do you have one you want to add here? Contact us below.

Thank YOU for reading this!

By David M

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