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Love's Awakening


 "This (breathtaking) film was created by and through Love.
May its simple message help you to remember the
beauty and love that lives forever within you." 

I find this video is pure love and beauty. I've watched it many, many times over the years. Need I say more, except I invite you to consider watching it :)


  • Second to the nose, eyes are the second most powerful "Input" to experiences in our life. This video has images that you see when you look closely, therefore if you have the option, consider watching this on something bigger than a smart phone screen.
  • Watching closely, I found many gems that nature and the photo's provided. Of the many gems, maybe the best one was a very amazing flower at 10:05, simply watch the video and you will see :)
  • "Love's Awakening" was only available in VHS. As such, it's not quit "High Def", but the message is of infinite resolution!

I invite you to consider:

Watching this video and share with family and friends.
See and hear the love that life offers!



Thank YOU for reading this!

By David M

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