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Paths Up (and around) the Mountain


A metaphor that I've heard over the years is that there are different ways up the "mountain top" in our life.

So what is at the top of the mountain, and what is this "mountain" anyway? The mountain may be different for different people. It may be trying to find happiness or well-being. It could be the fears and challenges that keep us from living a living "full life". But a mountain sounds like work, and what if you don't want to work? If you can grasp the understanding of what the "view" is for you at the top, along with being present then.

Those who hike know that it is common to find intersecting trails along the way.

I invite you to consider taking a "walk". The view can be indescribable!

Tool Boxes

There are many amazing tool boxes with tools to help provide a loving view of life's purpose and how to best live the life we have been given. The Bible is one, The Law of Attraction, A Course In Miracles, the list goes on. Since everybody is different, different tool boxes may fit you best (at any given time) for you. Different tools within that box will be more or less useful to you at any given time.

Consider taking what you want, and leaving the rest. 

Law of Attraction  Lists Jake Ducey's Teachngs Bob Proctor's Teachings along with Eric and Eckhart that I list below.
Note that these videos teach much more than just LOA.
A Course in Miracles (acim.org) See also Search For Serenity (youtube), an audio collection of quotes from ACIM. I've listened to it many times!
Eric Ho I learned much from him.
Eckhart Tolle I think he has a great understanding about life due to his ability to be present.
12 Step Programs (wiki)

Future Additions

There are many, if you have a favorite, let us know.

Thank YOU for reading this!

By David M

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