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We all wear "Glasses" 

Everybody has a unique view on life.

Our environment affects our view. For example, if we lived in a time before any media, would we focus and interact more with our families and those around us? What would be our view then? With media today, do we focus more on what we see other people are doing (that often we don't even personally know) and less on what we are doing for those directly around us? In another example, does watching negative media make us more negative?

Our environment affects us, but still each one of us has a different view. It's commonly called our perspective, but how we form our perspective, and how it affects our life requires mindfulness.

Our opinions, attitude, emotions, and our situations (such as our environment), influence how we interpret what we "see", but who we are inside of us also affects what we see.

When we look at a tree, we all "see" it differently. Some may see it as an amazing gift of nature. Others may see it as pretty in the spring, summer, and fall; but a nuisance later in the season since they have to rake the leaves. Some may appreciate the shade it provides, others may be concerned it will land on their home. Even looking at the same tree, we all have different views.

People, who have views that change, change hopefully through healthy education. This is often called personal growth, which is a form of personal evolution. Hopefully the views change to a "greater good" (yea a view).

What if what we don't see is more important than what we do see?

People really only see a small view of life (symbolized by these small glasses), but some people either don't realize it, or forget it. For example, dogs can hear a dog whistle, but humans cannot. You cannot see everything going on in this universe at once with your eyes. It's not humanly possible. Regardless of the view you see out of your glasses, I suggest you always be mindful not to automatically judge or assume that what you see is the truth.

The same applies to our other senses, including what we hear. Sometimes people take what they hear from other people or media and assume it's automatically is true. If someone says something about what someone else, how do you really know it's true unless you ask that "someone else"? Instead of assuming, do your research. See projection and hearsay.

Be mindful that there are statistics that suggest maybe every 2 out of 3 people, due to egos or pride, are more interested in proving their point of view is right, instead of searching for the most correct answer. This is done for various reasons. Maybe they don't want to admit they might be wrong, or maybe the truth requires more work, at least initially. I say initially because when you seek and follow the truth, life actually becomes easier and easier.

What if you grew up in a dysfunctional or negative family, or experienced lots of negativity through your role models.

About my view

What I write is based on what I've "seen." I strive to write correct information based on my research. For many years, I have spent many hours off and on educating myself on topics related to mind, body, and spirit using many resources. I've tried to rely more heavily on resources from or based on education from professionals such as doctors, psychiatrists, and psychologists. I try to remain mindful of what can "fog" my view, including remaining conscious when interacting and choosing role models. As I learn, I also think about if seems right when I listen to my heart, along with using common sense. In other words, I try to take what seems right, and leave the rest. I appreciate the gift and the value of education, realizing that just about everything in life is learned.

I write to pass on some of the gifts I have learned. These pages are written for those who wish to improve their lives and the lives of others around them through processes such as self-help (wiki). Self-help does help improve your "self" if you do the work to make the changes. Your improvements will help those around you through being a good role model, which affects others through mirror neurons. I believe we are all responsible for improving our own lives; and as such, I am responsible for the decisions that I make including how well I take care of mind, body, and spirit. Think of a world with a primary focus of love.

While sometimes I undesirably allow my glasses to get "foggy", I have always believed in positive thinking, and try to remember every day the truth that I am SO grateful for my life! These are just my glasses. Does that mean you should or should not agree with what I write? No. That is your choice. By divine nature, everybody is different, and I am grateful for that!

What I invite you to consider whenever you hear, see, or read anything is that:

What you "see" or "hear" from others forms your view,
be mindful to evaluate if it is correct.

And to consider:

What "glasses" do you choose to "wear" while you are alive?

Do you try to find the good in what you see?
Do you choose to think positive?
Do you choose to listen to your heart?
Do you choose to be honest with yourself?

Thank YOU for reading this!

By David M

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