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How to keep your glasses () clean

Your view of life can get "foggy" or "dirty"
and you may not know or realize why!

  • Your view of life, what you see and experience, can be symbolized by glasses (). See also We all wear "Glasses"
  • Education provides awareness, and awareness can provide better choices. This is the purpose of this page. See We don't know what we don't know.
  • There are many "Incorrect Lessons" and life events can cause your glasses (your view of life) to "get dirty" or "foggy". Being aware (mindful) of these can help you be conscious as situations arise. This can help you keep "cleaner glasses", allowing you to better follow any life path that you may have chosen.
  • Note: As a believer in positive thinking, I believe the goal is to be able to identify (but don't dwell on) any negative "roadblocks" or "potholes" that may be hindering your positive direction. For once identified, you then chose the positive actions or direction to take. Best yet, if you learn about common "potholes" that you may not know about (see unknown unknowns), you can be mindful and maybe prevent them in the first place.

Awareness of the following can help to prevent "foggy glasses":

Most importantly, these can be some of your best "glass cleaners":

Thank YOU for reading this!

By David Morgan

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