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Law of Attraction


This page is currently the start of a segway into further resources relating to Law Of Attraction. LOA has been around for a long time, but was popularized by a movie called "The Secret". Google law of attraction.

P.S. Did you know that with AVC you can download YouTube videos (handy for offline viewing), and that you can then extract the audio. This could be a handy for getting the audio from affirmation videos so that you put them on your music player. I currently listen to them every day while I work out at the YMCA. Just one that I like can be viewed here (youtube). See also Life Changing Tools.

The List

Again, these are just two mentors, or teachers, and there is a whole bunch of them. I suspect that I'll be adding more at some point.

Which one should you watch first? For most trees, every tree branch is different, so every person is different. Different teachers will work better for different people. In my case, somehow I first watched Jake Ducey, starting from his early videos and continuing through lots of them over time. He was great for me at the time. Then I bumped into Eric Ho, and watched a whole bunch of them.

I guess consider trying Jake, and then Eric. Today I listen to a lot of youtubes of Eckhart Tolle. I've listened to many Ester Hicks, Wayne Dwyer, and some Tony Robbins. ALL have free gifts to offer, just turn them on and maybe play it with ear buds while you cook or clean each day. It will work if you watch enough of them; science has measured progress in new brain paths that get created as we start to change how we think.

One of the great "features" of youtube.com is that if you watch one video, it often starts some other video, maybe from the same author, somebody different. The topics can vary, and it has been so great to see something new and very different.

Categories Link Comments
  Jake Ducey's Teachngs I "bumped" into Jake Ducey a while ago, before Eric. The timing of that was excellent. I've learned a lot from Jake.
  Eric Ho's Teachings I really have gained a lot from Erick Ho, including wisdom and peace.
  Bob Proctor's Teachings Newest addition to this list, Bob is amazing as well.
  Eckhart Tolle On the top of Opra's list (and mine). While maybe not much with "LOA" in one sense, still great teachings to help.
    There are almost an infinite list. Do you have some you think you would like to add? Contact us below!

Thank YOU for reading this!

By David M

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