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Eckhart Tolle


To share some of the videos and knowledge of Eckhart Tolle, someone I "bumped into" via youtube.


Eckhart has clarity and understanding of life due to his ability to be present. I find him amazing!

There are so many I could and may put up. So, just starting as inspired :) 

I have such gratitude for Eckhart!

The List

All in this list are external links, generally to YouTube

Categories Link Comments
General Google Eckhart Tolle General Information.
Videos Youtube Eckhart Tolle While his books are amazing, his videos may well exceed them!
Challenges Why You NEED Challenges in Life Discovering Freedom Through Challenges. Challenges are normal part of life, and it is a powerful tool to gain consciousness or presence. I feel peace about challenges after listing to this.
Thinking Inner body awareness practice Add inner-body awareness to deep breathing, I had not heard of that, and it's a WOW!
Millions of people live with anxiety or excessive negative thinking. News is one source. How do you turn it off?
Conscious breath takes five seconds and it can shut down negative thought and bring you to presence. 2 to 3 conscious breaths many times a day can make an enormous difference in your life.
Presence is the source of creativity.

I think this video is excellent If you have anxiety or excessive negative thinking.

Closing Thoughts

If you find videos by Jake or others, consider sharing them, and why you like them.

Thank YOU for reading this!

By David Morgan

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