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Jake Ducey's Teachings


To share some of the videos and knowledge of Jake Ducy, someone I "bumped into" via youtube.


I really have gained and learned a lot from Jake Ducey, as I feel he helped fill in some of the "gaps" or questions relating to LOA, how it works, and why it may not work for you. I have watched a bunch, my goal is to try to list some of them.

The List

All in this list are external links, generally to YouTube

Categories Link Comments
General Google Jake Ducey General Information..
Videos Youtube Jake Ducey  
Happy This will make you HAPPY (watch ASAP) One of my all time early Ducey favorite videos. Watch it!
Happy How to make yourself happier today  
Happy How to be happer and reduce stress NOW  
Happy How to be happy all the time When with others that bring you down, don't go as often and don't stay as long.
Happy What to do when you're in a BAD MOOD!  
Happy How to find freedom and happiness Something greater than the ego.
Happy The biggest secret to happiness WATCH THIS Say no to the things or people that don't inspire you.
Happy How to be happier and smile more Spend time to clean your mind.
Affirmations Watch this and see how you feel after "I AM" affirmations.

Closing Thoughts

If you find videos by Jake or others, consider sharing them, and why you like them.

Thank YOU for reading this!

By David M

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