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Eric Ho's Teachings


To share some of the videos and knowledge of Eric Ho, someone I "bumped into" via youtube. NOTE: Eric has changed his name to Master Sri Akarshana. I use Eric here.


I really have gained a lot from Erick Ho, including wisdom and peace. Maybe some of these will resonate with you. I find Eric to be very Spiritual in his teachings, yet have clarity to explain logically why. I have watched a bunch, but my goal is to try to list some of them. I started watching Eric's videos after I had watched a bunch of Jake Ducey videos. I liked the progression from Ducey to Ho. Both offer excellent videos.

The List

Here are some I liked, you have any that you want to add, or find some corrections, contact us below!

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Trust How to Let Go and Trust The Universe | Law of Attraction ***** I love this presentation. Do you trust the Universe? How can you not? You can trust your"self" if you follow your true self, the gut, the heart, the sprit within, that which is love. See also feelings and Listen to Your Heart.
Mind vs. Intuition #1 MOST POWERFUL SIGN What You Want is On It's Way | Law of Attraction Knowing is much more powerful than believing. Believing is fluffy. God feeling. Breathing is everything. Find out why.
  How to Channel Answers, Ideas and Creativity From the Universe When your mind is most calm, we are closest to our source.
Morning Routine My Morning Routine for the Law of Attraction! Morning routines are crucial for the law of attraction to work for you. Calm, Intention, Breathing, Trust, Flow. Left/Right breath. There is a time for everything!
Meditation Ed Powerful Morning Routine for The Law of Attraction | That Will Change Your Life Before you meditate, you must first quiet your thoughts. He uses Breath, then left/right breath, then stare. "Breathing is everything!" Breath has the power to relax, the power to connect within, and more.
Meditation Guided Meditation to Manifest What You Want in Life | WARNING!! INSTANT RESULTS!! Includes suggested ways to improve the process.
Meditation Speak To The Universe | Ask And You Shall Receive [Extremely Powerful Guided Meditation] Meditation, and one form on how to meditate. How to direct energy onto different parts of your body, and then expand beyond.
Affirmation Meditation Activate Higher Vibrations For Success | Positive Affirmations Meditation [Extremely Powerful!!] I've listened to this many times.
Meditation Google eric ho guided meditation He has plenty, and I've watched just a few of them.
Meditation Guided Meditation: Release Subconscious Blockages and Clear Negativity | INSTANT RESULTS!! Most of us have at least some negativity in our life. I thought this was a very effective Meditation.
Affirmation Meditation Affirmations Meditation for Health, Energy Rejuvenation and Healing | This is Very Powerful!  
Affirmation Meditation Affirmations Meditation to Attract Love INSTANTLY | Manifest While You Sleep! [Extremely Powerful!!]  
Affirmation Meditation 528Hz Heart Chakra Activation with Powerful Affirmations to Attract Love How do you attract or create the perfect mate? Be who you want to attract. Works regardless if you are looking as well as if you already have your mate!
Meditation Guided Meditation for Deep Sleep & Overthinking Get rid of noise before you go to sleep.
Meditation The Most Powerful Guided Meditation to Manifest What You Want in Life A different meditation, theta breath 4 times per second.
Bible vs LOA 7 Law of Attraction Secrets Hidden in The Bible | Manifest with God Bible vs Law of Attraction. There are passages in the bible that support Law of Attraction principals such as belief, ask, I and the father are one, as a man thinks in his heart, do not conform the the patters of this world.
  3 Signs You Are About to Have a Breakthrough with The Law of Attraction You are the creator, positivity focus, everything is vibration.
  How to Know When It's Time to Let Go | Signs From The Universe [Law of Attraction] What feels good is that of the divine. The difference between god and good is "zero" (o)
Manifestation The Most Powerful Visualization Technique to Manifest Anything You Want in Life | Law of Attraction Breathing is everything, clarity, emotion. Ask yourself why, why, why and how does that make you feel.
  Spiritual Enlightenment in 28 minutes | How To Set Yourself Free Water and flow. Flow in life. Help others, be kind and when others want to help you, accept... flow... When good things come your way, accept. Don't react.
Life Purpose, Mind Can We Control Our Destiny | Manifestation vs Already Written Thoughts about mind thoughts. Life journey. 
Destiny, Flow When Your Whole World Get's Turned Upside Down.. What to do.. | Man Plans and God Laughs If we love then we shall learn to allow whatever energies that want to be set free to set free, there maybe pain but pain is temporary, there are no storms that last forever.
Purpose, Bliss Why Time Seems to Be Passing Faster and Faster | Spiritual Awakening His Birthday video. Time is man made. When things are not going well, time goes slow. When your following your bliss, time goes fast. Spiritual consciousness where time is actually not real, time "goes" fast.
Mind The One Thing Holding You Back from Success  
Mind #1 Shocking Yet Unexpected Law of Attraction EYES Technique to Manifest Instantly The eye is the most powerful source of energy. Most everything that comes into our mind comes from your eyes. See also Mirror Neuron.
Mind How to Channel Answers, Ideas and Creativity From the Universe **** How does Eric see to know so much? We don't know everything, but the divine does. Learn how to allow these thoughts to come to you.
Mind Can We Change Reality and Do Parallel Universes Exist? We are one. Everything is one.
Mind Why Manifestation Alone Will Not Work For You | Try This Instead!  
Mind Make The Law Of Attraction Work For You | Set It And Forget It The Law of Attraction will not work unless... you do the work and then you let go. Set it and forget it.
Money The Secret that Determines Whether You Will Be Rich or Broke | Millionaire Mindset Secrets What is your relationship with money?
Productivity, Life skills 3 Ways To Max Out Your Productivity Right Now **** Great mindset for being effective when "doing". Learn what SSTDSS, H/E, LCL can do for you!
Productivity, Life skills 3 Things Successful People NEVER Do | Must Avoid Doing This Focus on solutions, not problems. Three pitfalls in how we misuse our mind. Personal responsibility.
Relationships How To Let Go of Someone Who you Really Love | Wisdom of The Himalayan Yogi Master If you have lost someone you love, this beautiful video may help. It's a good perspective of love in relationships.
Relationships The Secret to Attract Love Fast | Law of Attraction ft. Love Guru Preston Smiles We can not have what we want but we may experience what we have. What do I have now. I get my questions answered and my answers questioned. Empowering vs disempowering.
Relationships How To Let Go of Someone Who you Really Love | Wisdom of The Himalayan Yogi Master  
Relationships How to Attract Love with Law of Attraction | 3 Rules I Used to Get Her!  
Relationships How to Know When It's Time to Let Go | Signs From The Universe  
Mind Law of Attraction: How to Use VISUALIZATION to Manifest Anything in 90 Seconds 90 Seconds in morning. Why morning, and I like the "why, why, why" addition.
Positive, Mind How to Live a Happy, Healthy and Wealthy Life | The Millionaire Monk Good overview. DOers vs BEers, or join! Be grateful for everything we have in this moment. Focus on the Positive. Serving the world. Coincidence (askdifference.com), predictability, enjoy the journey. Take a deep breath in and out. Everything in this moment is perfect. Breathing is everything. It is life. Get out of your comfort zone. Your logical mind is not your logical mind. Intuition.
Honesty #1 Reason Why Most People Fail to Align with The Universe and Manifest What They Want in LIfe A very good discussion about being honest.

Closing Thoughts

If you find videos by Eric or others, consider sharing them, and why you like them.

Thank YOU for reading this!

By David M

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