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Vegan Smoothies

What do I put in my smoothies?

As some of my friends know, I enjoy smoothies, often in the morning! I use a nutra-bullet, but other products work well. These products pulverize the ingredients, and the claim is that more nutrients can be absorbed by the body. I like it because I can add ingredients that may not fit easily into a simple daily meal like turmeric root, acai berries, or beets. When I was starting to eat more vegan, I found I could add all kinds of ingredients that I may not like as much, and then add natural unprocessed  (maybe frozen) sweetness from berries, mangos, and other fruits. I started also adding local unheated honey. If you don't want to use honey, see Vegan Honey Alternatives (yourdailyvegan.com). Over time, I have decreased the amount of sweetness needed to satisfy my taste buds. A healthy YUM comes to my mind!

First note, I'm not a nutritionist, so do your own research. What I put in has been from what I researched, but how much of each ingredient is just what I choose to add.

  • Choose local grown, fresh, organic when possible. Some foods are more important to buy organic because of the pesticides used. Frozen can also be a good choice if fresh is not available.
  • I vary what I put in. There are those doctors that say, in essence, that you want variety in your diet.
  • Nuts could be added, but I eat them separate. Same goes for other foods not mentioned.
  • My list is just my list... google vegan smoothie recipes (google) for more ideas.
  • If you are a new to smoothies with ingredients like greens, consider starting with more sweeteners (like the berries), or add other sweeteners like maple syrup. Add whatever it takes to make your smoothie taste great. Over time, you will find you can cut back on the sweeteners.
  • This table is JUST a ROUGH draft.
Category What Comments
  Kale Tuscan (Lacinato or Black Kale) or regular Kale. See also (for variety):  8 Vegetables That Are Healthier Than Kale (care2.com), Regular Curly Kale vs Lacinato (healwithfood.org), 
There Is Such A Thing As Eating Too Much Kale (fastcompany.com), The Vegetable Detective (craftsmanship.net)
  Swiss Chard  
  Collard Greens  
  Beet Greens  
  Chinese Cabbage  
  Romaine Lettuce  
  Spring Mix See Spring Mix Nutrition Facts (verywellfit.com)
  Broccoli sprouts of Broccoli Some say the sprouts have more nutrition, or other benefits.
  Turmeric Root & Pepper You want the root, not the powder.
  Acai Berries I buy frozen unsweetened.
  Sunflower Seeds  
  Shelled Pumpkin Seeds  
  Whole Flax Seeds Whole works in blender, and claim is that whole keeps it's nutritional value longer than ground.
  Chia Seeds Similar to Flax in benefits.
  Blue Berries I buy Trader Joes wild blueberries. Some claim the wild blueberries are even better than regular berries.
  Other Berries Strawberries, Raspberries...
  Mango Great for sweetness.
  Carrot Juice  
  Orange Juice  


I just added this page as a starting point. I do usually have my smoothes in the morning as it gives me lots of great energy. Before my smoothies, I may also have chopped garlic, and some form of fermented food like Kimchi or sauerkraut.

If you have suggestions or questions, please contact us below.

Thank YOU for reading this!

By David M

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