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Experiencing Higher Consciousness

Will you take the Red pill?

What is it like to experience higher consciousness and what does it offer.

When you become conscious, where can you go from here with presence, and is the value of being present.

E.T.'s may have obtained the Highest Consciousness!

Do you believe in E.T.s? See Read the Pentagon UFO report newly released by the Department of Defense (cbsnews) and Pentagon launches .one-stop shop. for declassified info about UFOs (nbcnews)

Now do you? Consider watching:

Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind: Contact Has Begun (youtube)

This video provided me some key takeaways to ponder (some of my thoughts):

  • E.T's are here to help, we can and should try to learn from them. They have never harmed any humans, and they can be billions of years more advanced than us, so understanding them will be a learning experience, and considering they are still around, a life-sustaining lesson for all.
  • Humans can connect to E.T's when their energy is pure enough to be in a state of "Coherence". This makes sense to me.
  • For me, this confirms the path of Higher Consciousness is the way we as humans should consider walking. It makes sense for the sake of the universe, as we are all interconnected energy (verified by Quantum Mechanics), and we all affect EVERYTHING! Be the love you wish to see.

See also:

Deep Breathing Works Everyone should know this! It's a door into higher consciousness, and will help you live longer :)

In the movie, they portrayed it as AI has taken over the minds. Are you "trapped in thoughts" instead of Listening within to the energy of your Heart?

Thank YOU for reading this!

By David Morgan

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