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Life Compass


In life, many changes are hard. They take time and repetition. However, you can teach an old dog a new trick, It just takes time and repetition. One of tools I find very effective is to think of the process of making changes like a compass.

How to use the compass method

I have more I have not added to this page, including a compass image. For now, I'll include one example used in the health page:

Think of your eating habits like a compass. Let's say "north" on the compass represents a pure (mostly raw) vegan diet, and that is the "direction" you would ideally like to follow. Realize that sometimes you may head "east", "west", or even "south" with what you eat, but in time, you will tend to head more "north." Maybe the "magnetic energy" so to speak, of how you feel both physically as well as mentally will help guide you in the best direction for you. That plan has worked very well for me, but a different plan may work better for you.

See also Life Changing Tools.


I invite you to consider:

If your life compass is one that points towards
Listening to your heart and seeking truth,
what will your life be like?

Thank YOU for reading this!

By David M

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