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Look deep into nature, and
then you will understand everything better.
- Albert Einstein

Take a look at nature, What does nature demonstrate?

Look at many tree branches, say on an oak or maple tree. Every tree branch is different! How is that possible? Why don't the tree branches all just reach for maximum sun?

What is the point of these questions, what's the big deal? Consider this, apply what Einstein said. If it's so easy see and accept that every branch is different, then why can't humans accept that every human is different in so many ways (including views), yet of course equal, and all part of the "human forest". Yet humans try to exhaustive measures sometimes "to prove the other wrong". Acceptance is one of the primary keys to happiness, both accepting others, and yourself.

In yet another view, think about what you are watching. Could any human create this Infinite creative work of art? Nature is harmony as a whole amongst all that is.

Consider Forest Therapy (shinrin-yoku.org), see also Why You Should Go Forest Bathing in Japan (afar.com) and Forest Therapy (fo-society.jp).

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Thank YOU for reading this!

By David M

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