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Emotional and physical benefits from smiling :)

Did you know that science proves see below:
1) Your smile directly helps other people who see your smile.
2) When other people smile, it directly helps you.
3) When you smile, you help yourself.

What are the Medical and Emotional Benefits from Smiling?

Smiling not only offers a mood boost but helps our bodies release cortisol and endorphins that provide numerous health benefits. Smiling activates tiny molecules in your brain that are designed to fend off stress. These molecules, called neuropeptides, facilitate communication between neurons in your brain. In addition, when you smile, your brain releases dopamine, and Serotonin. (source henryford.com, aultman.org hospital, source, and The Importance of Smiling and Laughing for Overall Health  (twkidsdentist.com))

  • Reduced blood pressure
  • Increased endurance
  • Reduced pain
  • Reduced stress
  • Strengthened immune system
  • Lower blood sugar
  • Increases Confidence
  • Makes You Happier
  • Physical Benefits
  • Draws Others to You
  • Strengthens Relationships
  • Relieves Anxiety
  • Correlates to a Longer Life
  • Creates a positive mood
  • Works like a facelift, and helps you look younger

When we smile at others, all can receive this gift..

Science discovery about smiling:

Unless you purposely suppress a smile:
You can automatically smile when other people smile.
Other people can automatically smile when you smile.

Science measured the brain and discovered that
anybody that sees you smile
gets a signal in *their* brain
that automatically triggers the *same* part of the brain
that your smile triggers in you!

It's an amazing science discovery of what smiles can do. See mirror neurons, for the science behind this.

See also: Two for the price of one

By simply smiling to others, you are helping to heal, bring happiness, and peace to the world!

Imagine a world where everyone smiled :)

Consider watching this 2 minute video up close,
and see if this makes you smile on the inside :)

I invite you to consider this:

"cos when you worry, your face will frown,
and that will bring everybody down,
so don't worry, be happy
" (youtube)

Possible experiment

If you want to feel how powerful a smile can be, try this "experiment". Follow it exactly.
1) Go into your bathroom, or where there is a mirror.
2) Standing near to the mirror, turn your head and body so that you can NOT see the mirror.
3) For the next 10 seconds, smile and make it as genuine and happy as you can! Think about how that smile "feels" to you.
4) After 10 seconds, keeping the smile from 3) turn and look in the mirror with that smile.
5) Spend 10 seconds or more looking at your smile in the mirror. Think about how that smile "feels" to you.
Was the smile in the mirror more powerful, positive feeling than when you just smiled, not looking at the mirror?

Thank YOU for reading this!

By David Morgan

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