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Memory Care - Time to treat as Sacred Souls

Note: this page is just at it's infancy. The page started after my experiences with Pearl Street "memory care" (a name that does not describe what happens all the time), and can see it expanding it to include all senior care. Seniors are sacred soles, and they need a "bill of rights" and "proper loving care of" type requirements in senior commercial and non commercial environments. There are lots of changes coming, and I'll be looking for input and help from others. I talked to someone who manages Canada requirements, and they are in the process of a big overhaul. Seniors ARE Sacred Souls. Thanks!


Purpose of this page

I am a person who believes in raising the consciousness of the people on this planet. You can see that on my site, allone.org. After visits spanning 2 years at the Residence at Pearl Street memory care, I am here to provide a review for you, and a call for action.  I plan to expand this page, but are starting with one review.

On 2/7/24 I provided feedback and proposed a WIN-WIN-WIN-WIN solution to help make the Memory Care unit more loving, compassionate, and caring.

PLEASE check out the detailed page I sent to LCB (parent company) and several staff, on 2/7/2024.

As of 2/19/24, I have had NO response from anyone after numerous attempts.

I created and sent another email with a new page that speaks truth about the dark side of the Pearl Street memory care. How would this look on a google review?


How can I help?

Thank YOU for reading this!

By David Morgan

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