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Our Common Sense

What is common sense?

It's important to realize that what may be "common sense" to one person may not be known or even thought of as "common sense" to others. That depends on your view (), and your view depends on what you have learned.

For example, a doctor might say to another doctor: "Its common sense that you use this kind of knife when you make an incision." Doctors know this from going to medical school.

So common sense on proper procedures for performing an operation is learned. This concept is equally true, for example, with relationship skills. Proper healthy relationships skills must also be learned, and common sense would say that it would be best to learn these skills from knowledgeable sources.

See: Wiki for Common sense

Common - shared by many people, hopefully good.

Sense - Awareness

Where does common sense come from? Do I have it?

If you read the wiki mentioned above, you will find many people have different views. I believe () that if you carefully listen to your heart, you will find a common sense that is based on love.

Thank YOU for reading this!

By David M

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