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Nature, our planet, the universe(s), and life itself, are all pure miracles, and sometimes we may lose sight of this. Have you ever thought about what is the purpose of people on this planet? Considering we all only have so many days of life, have you thought about your purpose in life and what you really want to do with your life? Do you know how to guide your actions towards that direction? Being honest with yourself touches on these topics and provides some tools for helping you to answer some of those questions.
It is said that in any given moment, we can only think of one thought at a time. That thought can be positive, negative, or neutral. While some fears are healthy, like "don't jump off a bridge", there are many benefits to thinking positive. Think positive and positive things will happen!
The universe is constantly creating and changing. The value of learning and knowledge cannot be underestimated, and the most successful people (in all aspects of life) realize that most skills in life are learned.
Everybody has a unique view on life, we all "see" () the world differently. If you imagine living in the world before any media (such as TV, radio and newspapers), how different would your view be with just you and a few people in your "world"? So are you mindful how much today's media affects your view and who you have become? Is your view generally positive or negative?  Do you educate yourself to improve your view so that you can make the best life for you and those around you?
How much do the actions of people we watch through media or come in contact with actually affect who we become? The discovery of Mirror Neurons provides scientific proof of how other people affect us through role models. Maybe our environment affects us so much more than we believe!
When you are used to doing things a certain way, changing your life can seem difficult. The good news is that science proves through Neuroplasticity, that humans can change, even if they don't currently believe it. The Life changing tools page provides tools that you can use to help you change and improve your life; including your attitude and your emotions.
To remain in a positive thinking direction, to keep a good view on life, it is important to be educated on some of the common "potholes" or mistakes in life situations that can produce negative outcomes. How to keep your view clean and positive provides important topics that you may or may not know about.  If you are aware and mindful of these potential "potholes", you can learn how to get out of them, or better yet, avoid falling into them!

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By David Morgan

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